The Central Minnesota
Sustainable Development Plan



Our Story

Population:  790

Median Age:  37.8

Median Income:   $36,250 in 2010

Area:   1.06 square miles

Most Common Industry:  Agriculture, Manufacturing, Retail Trade



 The city of Browerville located in Todd County, was originally settled in 1865 three miles farther to the north.  In 1869 the city was relocated to its present location to take advantage of the imminent construction of the Great Northern Railroad.   Jacob Brower, who owned the land at the new location, platted out the community in 1882.  The meandering Long Prairie River forms the city’s eastern boundary.   The Long Prairie River played a vital role in the early settlement pattern of Todd County, with the river itself providing a transportation link to the Crow Wing and Mississippi rivers.  For a while Browerville prospered using flatboats, and for a very short time even a steamboat, for transportation and shipping.  In the early years most of the trees were harvested, the sandy soils in these areas were left unprotected, increasing erosion, and gradually filling the streams with sediment. The result is the very much smaller streams we have today.  By 1877 the water level had fallen to a point that only very small watercraft could navigate the river on a regular basis.

The settlers who came to the area following the Civil War were primarily Polish and German immigrants.  Their main occupations were in logging or in area farms.  Their lives centered on hard work, church life, and the importance of education.  Today, those traditions continue as they take pride in their schools, churches, and enduringly strong work ethic.   



Residents take pride in their well maintained town and the city strives to provide quality services.  Residents say it’s a great place to live.  They continue to be proud of their school which serves grades K-12 and features a sporting complex on campus.  The community avidly follows the “Tiger” high school athletic events throughout the school year. 

The area offers eight lakes and a state-managed wildlife area within a five-mile radius.  The local Sportman’s Club helps manage the hunting and fishing in the area. 

Browerville has a city park with a swimming pool, tennis court and ice rink (in season) complete with shower facilities.  Motzko Field has several baseball diamonds for recreation and league play and hosts regional Legion games, drawing players in from other communities. 

The community is well supported by church activities from the local churches, Christ the King Catholic Church, Zion Lutheran Church, Church of Christ and St. Johns Vianny.  Fund raisers are organized, as needed, by community members, students from the national honor society, FFA students, and the Lion’s Club.  Events like the annual Corn Feed (to supply the local food shelf), Browerville Days that celebrate their heritage and history, and the Old-Fashioned Christmas brings the community together. 

Businesses in Browerville include the Antique Gallery, Municipal Pub, Coffee Shop, and the unique Cherry Grove grocery, which features homemade bread and pastries.  Meat packing at Dan’s Prize, Lakewood Clinic, Steve’s Meat Market and custom-made cabinets made by Fine Wood Structures round out an array of thriving businesses. 

Browerville was the birthplace of historical romance author, LaVyrle Spencer and sculptor Joseph Kiselewski .  A display of Kiselewski’s work can be found at the American Heritage National Bank.  Galynn Johnson Brady, the mother of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, is a graduate of Browerville High School

Community members listed these additional assets: 

Natural Assets:

State Management lands

Center of the state and county

Agriculture – farms and industry

Dustbowl Flats – now Motzko Fields

Hunting and fishing

Eight lakes within five miles

Beautiful wooded and ag scenery

Long Prairie River

Parks – with lots of green space, South Park



Cultural Assets:

Browerville Days celebrate rural life

Values school/student achievements

Strong German/Polish Heritage

Diverse religions. Four local churches

Good mix of young and old people



Human Assets:

Volunteer services (ambulance/Fire)

Hardworking population (industrial, healthcare)

Craftsmen. (custom cabinet makers)

Butchers. (meat markets and wild game processing)

Artists living in community

Educators. (great public school system)

Health care providers

Developmental Achievement Center-Thread Shed


Social Assets:

Clubs; Lion’s, sportsman’s, FFA, Knights of Columbus, National Honor Society (school)

Community festivals/events: ie, Old Fashioned Christmas celebration and All City Garage sale, Corn Feed (fundraiser for food shelf)

Community Education activities

Small town ball games

Community Center social activities

Excellent Public and parochial schools


Political Assets:

Forward thinking City Council, provides excellent community services

Municipally owned/operated Liquor Store

Local representation via state legislators



Financial Assets:

Financial institutions (bank)

Financial Gap lending Planners – Region Five, Initiative Foundation, Todd County Development Corp.

City Refund incentives (refurbishing buildings)

Dollars for scholars program


Built Assets:

Old Creamery – Land o’ Lakes

Wastewater treatment plant up to date

Industrial Park with wastewater capacity

Motzko Sports field

Community Center

Ice Rink

School – well maintained

Main streets – curbs and gutters

City Playgrounds

Hwy 71 through town-north/south connection

Craft stores

New medical clinic

City Hall




Community Goals


There is room to grow in Browerville—both commercially in the Industrial Park and residentially.   However, there is not a big inventory of houses currently available.  People would like to see more development with a variety of housing for families and seniors.  The discussion also wove around reengaging the school to build houses – a program that was dropped from the curriculum. 


Browerville now has an Industrial Park that is ready for occupancy – including wastewater infrastructure for the park.  Residents would like to see 2-5 new businesses that include High Tech and skilled labor move into that space.  Ideally, these businesses would hire 5-25 employees to support the community. 


Browerville residents would like to see walking and bicycling trails around town and towards the lake and recreation areas.  Having a solid plan from which to build in steps would benefit the town’s health and social fabric. 

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