The Central Minnesota
Sustainable Development Plan




Our Story

Population:  75                

Median Age:  39.3

Median Income:  $33,125

Area:  .34 square miles

Most Common Industry:  Agriculture, forestry, fishing & hunting; Utilities; Retail trade



Genola is a city platted in August 1908 and at first called New Pierz.  On April 15, 1915, it was incorporated as Grainville but changed immediately to Genola, the name of a village in Piedmont, Italy.  It separated from the township on May 3, 1921. The village developed when the Soo Line came in 1907; the post office began in 1912 as New Pierz, changed to Genola in 1915, and became a rural branch in 1951.

Genola was originally settled as a farming community.  German Catholics were attracted by the rich farm land in the area.  Located just south of Hwy 27 and Pierz, the railroad ran the train line through Genola in 1907, a major triumph in those days.

 Genola Grain, owned by the same family (Solinger) for over 100 years, is still in businesses and thriving in this farming community. 


For such a small town there is a lot happening in Genola. The Red Rooster Bar puts on a Bologna feed every Wednesday, featuring all you can eat bologna, bread and pickles.  Meat is provided by Thielen’s Meats in Pierz.

 In 1982 the World Horseshoe Tournament was held at the indoor Genola Horseshoe Arena, this was a 4-5 day event which brought in horseshoe pitcher from all over the world.

In 1992 a local group of concerned 4-wheeler owners united to form what is now known as the Eastern Morrison County 4-Wheeler Club. The clubs mission statement is "to promote the responsible use of 4-wheelers and to develop recreational trails". The club currently has approximately 100 members and is sponsoring the "Soo Line Trail" from Highway 10 north of Royalton east to Mille Lacs County. They currently take care of 28 miles of trail. The Soo Line Trail is owned by Morrison County and is a multi-use recreational trail.

In 1999 the communities of Genola, Pierz and Buckman worked together to create the Rich Prairie Sewer & Water District.  They now provide pure water and sanitary sewer services at a reasonable rate to residents of all three cities.

 Residents identified these specific assets in GENOLA

Natural Assets:

Pierz Fish Lake (1 mile out of town)

Hunting property

Farm land


Skunk River



 Cultural Assets:

Freedom Fest

Crazy Days

City-wide garage sale

Horseshoe tournaments

Bologna Fest-Red Rooster Bar

Tractor pulls


Human Assets:



Heavy truck repair/operators


Ag supplier


Farm equipment dealer

Strong school system


Social Assets:

2 churches

Church groups

Faith Community Church

Youth groups

Commercial Club

Eastern Morrison County 4-wheeler Club

Snowmobile  club

Lake Association

Sportsman’s Club



Political Assets:

Rich Prairie Sewer & Water District

City council

Collaborative County Commissioners



Financial Assets:

Unity Bank

Gambling proceeds support trails & parks

Initiative Foundation



Built Assets:

Soo Line Trail

Horseshoe building

City park

2 campgrounds

Softball field

The Red Rooster

Thrift shop

Rich Prairie live stock sales barn





  1.  Commercial development that may include a hotel, clothing store, fast food, a diner or a gas station.
  2. Housing-affordable housing and rental apartments
  3. Soo Line Trail development-develop a trail head, use this asset to bring people into the community, preserve the beautification plan.
  4. Sledding/water park
  5. Expand Freedom Fest with Pierz-bigger/more bands, parade, fireworks, expand the dates


GENOLA and all it has to offer can be found immediately South of the intersection of MN State Hwy 27 and MN State Hwy 25 in Eastern Morrison County.  The city can be reached at:  320-468-6638