The Central Minnesota
Sustainable Development Plan



Our Story

Population:  1,393                          

Median Age:  42.5

Median Income:  $35,833

Area:  1.35 Square miles

Most Common Industry:  Construction, Retail Trade, Manufacturing 


Pierz was named for Father Francis Xavier Pierz, a Slovenian born Catholic priest who came to Minnesota during the early 1850s as a missionary to the both Ojibwe Indians and the German Catholic settlers he attracted to the area.  The City of Pierz grew as German Catholics settled the area. The town was incorporated on January 12, 1892 under the name "Rich Prairie", however on August 15, 1894, the 48 citizens voted unanimously to change the name of the town to Pierz, for Father Francis Xavier Pierz.

At one time there was an upper town and lower town; fire protection was divided into two departments.  There was a disagreement over the proposed train route.  Residents couldn’t agree on a site and in the end the train didn’t come at all but went through Genola, just to the south of Pierz.

The broad expanses of rich soil were ideal for the farming enterprise that became the foundation of the area's economy.  It spawned the growth of an agriculture-based community of implement dealers, feed businesses, blacksmiths, creameries and stores catering to farmer's needs.  The growing community also needed lumberyards, crafts people and hardware stores.  Merchants of all kinds found customers in this prosperous community.  Though other industries have grown in Pierz, there is still a big emphasis on agriculture and the richness of the surrounding prairies soil.

The Farmers & Merchants State Bank was established on January 1, 1908 to serve the people of Pierz.



Today, the population of Pierz maintains its strong German Heritage, with nearly 80 percent of the population being of German descent.  Highways 25 and 27 connect residents to regional jobs and bring tourists through town on their way to the Central Lakes Region.

A hail storm hit the city a few years ago and the whole city got a face lift at that time.  Usually home improvements are done in a cycle, in Pierz everyone is now on the same schedule.

The City operates its own police and fire department, as well as the Pierz Municipal Golf Course and Campgrounds.  The City also owns and operates its own electrical utility and, in cooperation with other communities, established a Water and Sanitary Sewer district.  While other school districts struggle with debt, Pierz will be debt free within the next few years.

One of the most beautiful spots in Pierz is the naturally landscaped, 9-hole golf course with its clubhouse and pro-shop. The adjoining park/campground offers two large picnic shelters with kitchen facilities, updated camp sites, a swimming beach, basketball court, new horseshoe courts, and a playground!

The Pierz Legion Ball Park features a lighted baseball field complete with sprinkling system, grandstand, and adjoining practice field. Pierz Healy High School's lighted tennis courts are open to the public.

In keeping with its heritage, Pierz celebrates Oktoberfest every year during the last weekend in August. There is a medallion search, with clues given daily; the winner gets $500 in "Pierz Bucks" from local businesses to spend within the town. There is also a parade and festival at the city park plus other events, including live Oktoberfest music and plenty of games for young children.

The former Soo Railroad Line was repurposed as a snowmobile and ATV trail spanning from Genola through Pierz to Duluth.  Part of Morrison County's 250 miles of groomed snowmobile trails travel through Pierz where snowmobilers are always welcome.

Residents identified these specific assets in Pierz

Natural Assets:

Skunk River


Ag land

Location is central MN


Rich Prairie Soil & Water District


Cultural Assets:

German Catholic

Return to town to retire

Well liked area



Human Assets:

Fire fighters/first responders

Skilled retirees

Health care workers

Strong police force

High school




Good neighbors-always ready to help


Social Assets:


Community organization


School functions

Community Ed

Everything to sustain life


Political Assets:

Open minded city council-forward thinking

County Commissioners

Business support

DEED & State reps

School district

Township boards


Financial Assets:

Community donations/grants/scholarships


Strong Lions & Knights  of Columbus

Food shelf


Scholarship programs


Shop Local program



Built Assets:


Senior assisted living facilities



Golf course



Clinics-eye, health, vets

Ball parks

Library/fire hall

Health services

Industrial park



 Community Goals

A stable and diverse economic base has supported Pierz throughout its history. Businesses ranging from hardware to hair care can be found along the mile long Main Street.  Pierz is a progressive community committed to providing an environment conducive to success. 

  1. Rec Center/youth club- would include a water park, basketball court, pool tables, bowling and alternatives to sports.
  2. Coffee shop-not gas station coffee/non-corporate which would also sell scones, donuts, cookies, light cold sandwiches.
  3. Technology assistance to businesses-to stay viable
  4. Farmers market-central local food area
  5. Upgrade golf course club house, expansion to 18 hole golf course & campground
  6. Also mentioned were a women’s clothing store or boutique, featuring stylish clothing and enhancing/beatifying the trailer court.

For more information on the City of Pierz and all it has to offer, visit: 

or call 320-468-6471