The Central Minnesota
Sustainable Development Plan



Our Story

Population:  650

Median Age:  33.9

Median Income:  $43,910 

Area:  2.05 square miles

Top Three Industries:  Public Administration; Construction; Manufacturing



Randall was founded in 1890 and was named after a Northern Pacific railroad official named; John H. Randall. The city of Randall is located just 11 miles north of Little Falls.  The land is primarily made up of rolling hills and wide river valleys and is located at the southwestern edge of the Brainerd Lakes area.

The first people to show up in Randall in the 1890’s were farmers, lumberjacks, railroad men and miners.  The first school opened in 1893.  St. Peter’s Lutheran Church was established in 1895 and St. James Catholic Church in 1896. 

Randall has overcome multiple tragedies first “The Great Flood of 1972” when the Little Elk River’s banks overflowed after receiving fourteen inches of rain and flooded the entire downtown area.  Along with the flood this community has had two major train derailments in town.  To clean up and rebuild the town the residents came together and made it an even more robust and energized community.  



There are many lakes near this community, the largest lakes being Lake Alexander, Fish Trap Lake and Lake Shamineau.  There are numerous smaller lakes just north of town in the “Enchanted Lakes” area as well as nearby Little Round Lake, Green Prairie Fish Lake and Round Lake, which provide ample recreation opportunities year-round.

Randall’s residents and business owners are very proud of their community.  They come together to help each other in times of need.  The two block business district is squeezed between the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad and the Little Elk River.  There is one of just about every type of business providing for the needs of the town.  The downtown area offers a variety of businesses including Gosch’s grocery store and meat market, featuring homemade jerky and the “brat of the week” and the renowned Bermel’s Shoe store, established in 1917 and currently stocking over 10,000 pairs of shoes and boots from 23 different manufacturers.  Hair salons, restaurants, a coffee and quilt shop, auto repair, bank, lumber yard and implement/appliance dealer round out the business offerings.  As one resident said “we have everything we could ever need available right in our town.” 

The residents feel one of their most unique assets is how the community pulls together in times of tragedy.  Similar to the 1972 flood, they still work together to overcome difficult times for their own. Some examples of this include fundraising for families with medical needs and for a local hardware store that burned down.  All walks of life, young and old, students to farmers work together in times of need.  The military has a pronounced influence on the city.  Because of its proximity to Camp Ripley, Randall has a disproportionate number of residents that are veterans or are actively serving in the National Guard.  The VFW has a huge membership; they take a leadership role and participate fully in the events and activities in Randall.

There are many opportunities to be involved from structured community and business groups to the many events that bring the people of this city together. A few of these events are the 4th of July celebration and fireworks, Crazy Days, Treasure Day, Harvest Fest, Randall Holly days, community dinners and many more!

Randall identified these additional assets in their community:

Natural Assets:




Ag land


Cultural Assets:


Young community

Senior support

Community closeness (always willing to help each other)

Four Veteran Memorials

Christian foundation


Human Assets:

Healthcare-Doctors, Dentist, Nurses

Camp Ripley-soldiers

Volunteer groups


Caring community members


Volunteer Fire/EMT



Social Assets:

Lions Club


Randall Visioning Group

Randall Area Business Group

Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts


Three active churches


Lending library


Randall Sportsmen’s Club



Political Assets:

Excellent collaborative leadership

Motivated city employees

Camp Ripley

City sewer and water

Municipal Fire Department ( EMT certified)

MN Power

County Commissioners



Financial Assets:

Randall State Bank

VFW and Lions club scholarships

Community support for local fund raising

Randall student scholarship program

Lion’s club charitable gambling

Fire Department coin drops

Initiative Foundation

Business donations


Built Assets:

Geographic Location/Central- River and HWY 10


City Hall

Well maintained roads

Park building

Community Center

Emergency siren

Camp Ripley

Fiber optics

Assisted living facility

Health clinic


The HUB – college planning

Golf course

Camp ground



Trails (walking/biking/motorized)


Disc Golf Course



The residents of Randall have many ideas for what comes next. Their thoughts included new signage for the city, improve the appearance of the down town area, a more diverse trail system, additional medical including an eye and dental clinic and more employment opportunities. The residents are very determined to make these goals a reality.


Community Goals:

1.     Employment Opportunities- Improved Business Success Plan

Although Randall has many family owned businesses in their community, they have lost a few in recent years and would like to create an improved business success plan. The plan would include affordable housing and rental opportunities as well as an industrial facility and to keep their local businesses growing.  

2.     Additional Medical- Eye Clinic- Dental Clinic

Randall does have a medical clinic in town and has access to these types of clinics in nearby communities; however they would like to have these services available within their own community.

3.     Stronger Local Representation at the State Level

The residents do not feel the representation at the State Level is as local as they prefer. They would like someone who has a better understanding of their community and their needs.     


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