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Lake Shore


Our Story

Population: 1014                            

Median Age: 51.5

Median Income: $56,539

Area: 18.15 square miles

Most Common Industry: Accommodation/Food Service


Mound builders were the primary inhabitants of this lakes area community until 1840, when explorers and trappers came into the area to hunt and farm. The community of Lake Shore started out as a village in 1930. They were then incorporated into a city in 1947, with their first land use ordinance in 1969.

Logging became popular in the area, as white pines were most prominent in the area. A sawmill and railroad were brought in until all the trees were removed. Part of the old railway can still be seen in western Lake Shore.

 Tourism was an instant industry for this area, starting with primitive log cabins and growing into an abundance of resorts on the 9 lakes in this community. From the 1930’s and into the 40’s, Lake Shore had 35 resorts. Over time, the majority of these resorts were converted into homes for residence and second homes for the vacationers.


Lake Shore is a town that thrives on tourism. They are proud to be a part of the Gull Lake chain, as well as home to 6 resorts, ranging from family friendly to luxury accommodations, Fritz Loven Park, 9 lakes and activities that span all four seasons.

As the largest city in Cass County, Lake Shore boasts a progressive city government with involved citizens. They had the largest voter turnout in the county during the 2014 elections. This bustling micropolitan community has a variety of restaurants, nightlife opportunities, a strong 4-H presence and its citizens are involved in organizations such as the Lions, Jaycees, and Gull Lake Drifters Snowmobile Club, just to name a few.

Residents identified these specific assets in Lake Shore

Natural Assets:

Fritz Loven Park

9 connected lakes (chain of lakes)

Gull Lake Chain

4 seasons of activities

Rocky Point


Native American History

Old railroad


Ag land

Home Brook trout stream

Undeveloped county land

Fall tree colors

Archeological dig-2750 year old pottery found



Cultural Assets:


½ of Smiley Township

Accepting of other cultures

Nisswa Stamman Festival

Lutheran church

Native American history



Friendly people


Farm and ranch people

Recreational boating

Human Assets:

Educated professionals







Variety of backgrounds



Financially successful citizens


Social Assets:

Strong 4-H presence


Casual to high end restaurants

“Come by boat”

Gull Lake Chain of Lakes Association

Gull Lake Drifters Snowmobile Club





Political Assets:

Largest city in Cass County

Elected officials work well together

Progressive city government

EMT Certified Police Dept

Involved citizens

Contracted with Nisswa Fire Dept

Highest voter turnout in Cass Co. (85%)

Became an organized village in 1947

Quality local government

Great city employees

Conservation Easements


Financial Assets:

Debt Free Municipal Government

       Good tax base

Built Assets:

City Hall

Good roads

Trail coming soon


Fritz Loven sliding hill



Lake access

Fishing pier


Sewage treatment

Stable utilities

Conforming on site sewer systems

Good cell/cable/internet service

Gull Lake Marina

City website

Gull Lake Motel

Bar Harbor Supper Club


Point Narrows Resort


Sherwood Forest Lodge

Sandy Beach Resort

Samana Point Resort

Causeway on Gull

Agate Lake Resort

Lykins Pinehurst Resort



Number 1 goal is Comp Plan, as it would include other goals, such as City Hall. Second goal is City Hall. Third goal is bringing jobs into the community-industrial park area perhaps.

Community Goals:

  1. -New City Hall-large enough for community center and museum area.

    -Comp Plan/Industrial Park-develop City Hall into Comp Plan. All zoning districts are part of process.

  2. -Bring jobs to area-industrial park, senior citizen home/affordable housing. Minors Corner area (Hwy 29 & 78).

    -City Hall/Community Center-multi functional. Grant dollars.

  3. -Update Comp Plan-get younger people/millennials involved in the planning.

    -Protect large land tracts around city.-ask to put in conservation easements. Talk to county to see intentions for county owned land (if there are any)

  4. -City Beach-not sure where, maybe around Sandy Beach Resort. Liability? Expense?


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