The Central Minnesota
Sustainable Development Plan




Our Story

Population: 432                            

Median Age: 35.5

Median Income:  $41,731

Area: 3.5 sq mi

Most Common Industry: Transportation and Warehousing



Originally known as “Swedback’s Settlement, the city of Upsala was formed in 1872 by Swedish immigrants. The first creamery, started by John Swedback, was an important industry in the development of this community and was purchased by a cooperative of local farmers.

By 1915, Upsala had a bank, school, creamery, telephone company, grocery store, feed mill, meat market, and furniture store, just to name a few. Large industry was never a part of Upsala as it was not on a railroad or major bus line.


Upsala is a vibrant community with an active downtown area. Home to four churches, a local grocery store, 2 bar and grill restaurants, and both an archery and indoor horseshoe club, this rural community as recently built a new K-12 public school, upgraded to natural gas and built new townhomes on the edge of town.

Their faith is a very important part of this community. The four local churches provide its 432 residence with a social network that is highly valued.


Residents identified these specific assets in Upsala:

Natural Assets:

Pine and Cedar Lakes

Clarity of area lakes

Rich farm land



Cultural Assets:

4 strong churches

Upsala area Historical Society and Museum

Combined Vacation Bible Schools

Church Youth Groups

Multicultural heritage

Farmer’s Market


Human Assets:

First Responders

Fire Department



Previous Upsala residents still offer support



Many PSEO students at high school

2015- 100% high school grad rate



Social Assets:

Community Center

Youth Group

Community Cruisers Car Club


Fish Fry


Easy drive to metro areas


Heritage Days

Community Banquets

Cooperative religious community

Homeschool Group

Lions Club

Music in the Park

Archery Club

Horseshoe Club

Time Out Bar and Grill

Upsala Ballpark Association

Bullfrog’s Bar and Grill

Recreation building


Political Assets:

Best mayor in Minnesota



Financial Assets:

Dollars for Scholars

Helping Hands fund

Schultz Auctioneers

Local business donations/support


Built Assets:

Farm Store

Paul and Kathy’s Grocery

3 local trucking companies


Lang Oil


HS weight room

Upsala Motors

GRRL- local library

New softball field

Borgstrom House, trails and park

City park

Local beach

Public school

Hwy 238

Snowmobile trail

Cabinet Shop

Antique Shop

Quality used car lot




Community Goals:

  1. Assisted living/senior housing
  2. Youth-friendly hangout-(café, coffee shop)
  3. Beautification of Main Street


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